Science of the Mind

Year 10
Subject Information

This unit runs for one semester. Students may choose to do this unit as an optional 3rd Semester of Science.

Subject Description

Science of the Mind is an introduction to Psychology and aims to show students how Psychology is connected to both life sciences and the humanities. The study of psychology enables students to understand their own behaviour and the behaviours of others. Students are given an insight into biological factors including hormones, basic processes of perception, cognition and emotion and the personal factors of intelligence and personality that help provide an explanation of human behaviour. Integral to this are the cultural and social aspects of our lives that influence who we are and how we act, specifically at particular stages of development such as adolescence.
Psychology builds on the scientific method by involving students in the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. By emphasising evidence-based procedures (i.e. observation, experimentation and experience), the subject allows students to develop useful skills in analytical and critical thinking, and in making inferences. At the completion of this unit students should be able to reflect on how they have benefited from studying this unit and look at how society, in general, benefits from the study of behaviour.

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Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Processing and Evaluating

Criterion B:

Inquiring & Designing

Criterion D:

Reflecting on the impacts of Science

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