Teachers encourage students to engage in a continuous journey of lifelong learning, which aims to develop sophisticated and contemporary understandings, capabilities and dispositions in mathematics.​

All Middle Campus mathematics courses are structured and implemented under the guidelines of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program and the Australian Curriculum.

Outcomes for students

Learning mathematics is an engaging and active process where students:

  • Construct their own mathematical meaning through interaction with the ideas they hold and alternative ideas held by others; and interact with their physical and social environments, and with technologies, manipulative equipment and texts.

  • Have their concepts challenged by experiences and interactions with their physical and social environments, and by mathematics itself.

  • Collaborate with others to solve problems and engage in hands-on activities to develop conceptual understanding, critical thinking and higher-order thinking skills.

  • Are encouraged and supported to take risks and persevere with new or different ways of thinking, and see making mistakes as an important part of their learning journey.

  • Participate independently and collaboratively through authentic experiences, discussion and debate, planning and taking action towards a better future, and reflecting upon their mathematical activity in a range of contexts.

  • All students are encouraged to extend themselves in competitions such as Australian Maths competition and ICAS (University of NSW) Maths competition held Australia-wide.

Learning Area Map

For more information about any subject listed in this learning area, please contact the coordinator (Mr Luigi Pilla) with your query via the Norwood Morialta High School Website. If you are a student of the school, please use the Daymap messaging system to make contact.

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