Design A: Graphic & Architectural Design

Year 10
Subject Information

Students may choose to complete one semester of Design or both Design A and B (2 semesters).

Subject Description

Design in The Arts involves students using their creativity to develop visual solutions to design briefs and problems.
In this subject students will further refine their knowledge and skills as designers. Students will complete a Visual Study where they study other designers, historical movements and develop their own personal style. Students then complete the Design Process to create practical design works. This process is documented in a Folio, which includes a brief, research, ideation and evaluation. In this course, students will learn to use industry standard technology such as the Adobe Suite and Google SketchUp.

Graphic Design (Visual Communication)

  • Identity Systems (logo and branding)

  • Poster Design

  • Signage


  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Interior 

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Must purchase an A3 Pocket Display (with 20 sleeves). Course may involve attending an exhibition or event, which may be at some cost to the students (approximately $15.00).

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Thinking Creatively

Criterion B:

Developing Skills

Criterion D:


Learning Area Map