Drama 1

Year 10
Subject Information

Students must have received a ‘3’ overall grade or better in year 9: Drama A or B and a ‘4’ for Responding Criterion D.

Subject Description

This course is a semester unit for students who enjoy Comedy and Drama, and who want to explore advanced acting techniques, skills and elements of production. 

​Students will explore comedy and what makes us laugh. Students will undertake practical and performance workshops exploring slapstick, clowning and lazzi. 

In particular, students will study Commedia dell’Arte, a highly energetic, physical and entertaining style of comedy. Students also examine tragedy and build on their skills by exploring realism and the essential skills required in portraying realistic characters for serious drama as seen in film and television and live, dramatic theatre.
Throughout the course the students will be required to maintain an Arts Process Journal demonstrating evaluation and reflection, undertake written assignments, oral presentations and theatre reviews. 

The review-writing component involves attending a public performance where they will have the opportunity to connect with the arts community and see examples of professionals in the field. 

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Required excursions: $30.00 for attendance and transport to a live, professional Drama production (usually in evenings).

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Thinking Creatively

Criterion B:

Developing Skills

Criterion D:


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