Year 10
Subject Information

History is a compulsory single semester subject at Year 10. Students may elect to study a further Humanities subject either Geography or Economics & Business.

Subject Description

This course engages students to gain a general understanding of Australia’s history in the context of world events. The twentieth century was a critical period in our history and students’ study the social, cultural, economic and political development that influenced this period. Skills of historical inquiry and critical interpretation of primary and secondary sources will be developed. The course will guide students to develop a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of change locally and globally.
The modern world and Australia 1918- present

  • Inter war years: World War 1 and World War II

  • Post World War II

  • Major Movements for rights and freedom 

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There may be excursions and projects with associated costs (approximately $20.00).

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

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Criterion D:

Thinking Critically

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