English as an Additional Language

Year 10
Subject Information

EAL is a full year subject at Years 8, 9, and 10. EAL is offered as an alternative to English for eligible students.

Subject Description

The focus over the three years is on analysing, organising, producing texts and using language. Eligible students (students with interrupted schooling, less than five years of full time English tuition or other circumstances) are able to enrol in the EAL equivalent of Language and Literature after consultation with the school. In this subject, the focus is on developing language skills to use English that is accurate and appropriate in a variety of contexts. Students study a range of texts to develop skills involved in listening, speaking, writing, viewing and presenting in a variety of circumstances.
Students further develop their proficiency in the productive and receptive use of the English language. Students learn how to construct a variety of imaginative, factual and visual texts by understanding the unique features of each. Students develop their knowledge of vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure and pronunciation.
In all three year levels students will engage in a variety of learning experiences which will include:

  • Oral language development with a focus on group and class discussions, presentations to the class, reading aloud and interviews

  • Text composition with a focus on journal writing, blogs, advertisements and brochures, narrative, exposition, creative personal recount

  • Response to texts focusing on summary writing, justifying personal opinion

  • Language study with a focus on developing grammatical accuracy in both productive and receptive tasks.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

There may be excursions and projects with associated costs (approximately $10.00).

Criterion A:


Criterion C:

Producing Text

Criterion B:


Criterion D:

Using Language

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