HPE Core

Year 10
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Subject Description

The fundamental aim of Health and Physical Education is to use positive physical experience to promote the importance of activity in improving short and long-term health.

Students will learn to:

  • appreciate and understand the value of physical activity and its relationship to a healthy active lifestyle

  • participate successfully in a variety of physical activities

  • experience enjoyment and satisfaction through physical activity

  • develop social skills and demonstrate the importance of teamwork and cooperation in group activities

  • identify and participate in a health unit that promotes self-confidence and cooperation

  • critically assess and develop effective strategies and behaviours to promote safety.

Topics could include:

  • Team sports - Korfball/Netball, Floor Hockey, Basketball, Softball or Flag football

  • Individual sports - Golf, fitness training, Bowls or Bocce

  • Aesthetic and International activities such as Aerobics, Sport Celebrations

  • Relationships and sexuality

  • Body Systems - Cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems

  • Alcohol and drugs.

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Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Applying and Performing

Criterion B:

Planning for Performance

Criterion D:

Reflecting and Improving Performance

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