Performance HPE (Girls Focus)

Year 10
Subject Information

Students must receive a 5 or better in year 9 PE and are recommended to have completed Performance PE 1.

Subject Description

Students considering Stage 1 and 2 studies of PE must undertake Performance HPE with a minimum pass of 5 or greater.
It is recommended this subject is combined with CORE HPE (Semester 1) with a minimun pass of  5 or better.
In this subject students will develop a detailed understanding of Body Systems (skeletal/muscular/cardio-respiratory), Fitness, Components, Training Principles Fitness Testing.  Students will apply learning and deepen understanding of principles through practical topics. Knowledge will be assessed through tests, written tasks and practical performance assessment.
Students will work on developing practical skills and technical proficiency in these activities and engage in related activities to apply the processes and principles that affect their performance. More specifically they will examine principles of performance in conjunction with understanding the energy systems of the body.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

There may be a cost of approximately $40.00 if community facilities or other agencies are used.

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Applying and Performing

Criterion B:

Planning for Performance

Criterion D:

Reflecting and Improving Performance

Learning Area Map