Year 10
Subject Information

Mathematics is a compulsory full year subject in Year 10.

Subject Description

This course is a general course which follows the Australian Curriculum guidelines. Students who have demonstrated a need for extra support may be grouped together to work on modified material with a pathway to Essential Mathematics or General Mathematics. Students who demonstrate both high level problem solving skills and a passion for Mathematics will be extended with advanced material.
Students use a range of strategies to solve problems including linear and quadratic equations, surface area and volume, consolidate their understanding of factorising and expanding algebraic expressions, apply algebraic and graphical techniques to find solutions to simultaneous equations and make the connection between equations and their graphs. They describe the statistical relationship of data containing two variables where the independent variable is time, investigate the independence of events and evaluate statistical reports. Students develop their skills at working with Indices and Surds as well as the elements of trigonometry of right angled triangles to calculate unknown angles and use Pythagoras’ Theorem to solve problems.
A major aspect of this course will be the use of computing and graphic calculator technology as an aid to understanding and computation.

Based on Semester 1 results, students will be placed into either pre-general or a pre-pure class for Semsester 2. These pathways allow students to cover the pre-general or pre-pure math content in preparation for Stage 1 mathematics.

Topics include:

  • Real Numbers

  • Pythagoras’ Theorem

  • Statistics and Probability

  • Algebra – Expanding, Factorising and solving equations

  • Geometric Reasoning

  • Trigonometry

  • Quadratic Equations (non-linear)

  • Linear and Non-linear relationships (Parabolas)

  • Measurement

Course Fees


Additional Costs

All students are invited to participate in a number of Maths competitions at a cost of approximately $6-$15 each. All students are expected to own and use a scientific calculator. All students have the option of paying for HOTmaths, an interactive online learning environment ($13 per student).

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:


Criterion B:

Investigating Patterns

Criterion D:

Applying Mathematics in Real-world contexts.

Learning Area Map