Creative Technologies

Year 10
Subject Information

Students may choose up to four units from the Technology Learning Area.

Subject Description

This semester unit is aimed at further developing students’ skills in design and construction technologies. The course provides a solid foundation for further studies in Design and Technology, with a strong focus on the Engineering Design Process.
Students will have the opportunity to design and create products using a variety of materials and contemporary technologies.
Topics could include:

  • Safety procedures

  • Composite materials

  • Impact study – environmental issue and impact on society and individuals

  • Construction techniques

  • CAD/CAM processes include: 3D Rapid Prototyped models, Laser Cut, 3D printing components and CNC machined products.

  • Design & Construction of individual projects

  • Excursion to manufacturing industries 

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Students may choose to purchase extra materials above the Materials and Services Fee.

Criterion A:

Inquiring & Analysing

Criterion C:

Creating the Solution

Criterion B:

Developing Ideas

Criterion D:


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