Fashion & You

Year 10
Subject Information

Students may choose up to four units from the Technology Learning Area.

Subject Description

This unit is a practical course with a focus on designing, making and evaluating the construction of textile articles. Students will undertake two major assignments where they will plan, design and create a textile product and an item of clothing for themselves. Student will use a wide variety of sewing and craft techniques to assist in their production of their product.
Skills taught & topics covered in this course include:

  • Applique, quilting, machine embroidery and other various craft related skills

  • Taking up hems

  • Inserting zips and button holes

  • Sewing safety

  • Fabric terms and weaves

  • Environmentally friendly fashion

  • Using a commercial pattern

  • Finishing off processes and fastenings

  • Selecting suitable fabrics

  • Understanding fabric production

​The MYP Design Cycle is used throughout the course, for critical analysis and problem solving. Students begin to independently generate and manage design solutions within set constraints. Students are required to record, present and communicate their design thinking.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Nil. Students may want to bring their own fabric and patterns for garment construction at their own cost.

Criterion A:

Inquiring & Analysing

Criterion C:

Creating the Solution

Criterion B:

Developing Ideas

Criterion D:


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