Programming for Real Life

Year 10
Subject Information

Students may choose up to four units from the Technology Learning Area.

Subject Description

This course will provide an introduction to the very important skill of programming.  Students will have the opportunity to apply their computational thinking and coding skills in a practical way.
Ever wondered how your games come to life on a computer screen? How your lights turn on with a sensor? These are examples of products controlled by computers, designed and coded by ‘programmers’. Future career shortages will be in the area of programming. Anyone with programming and computational thinking skills will be one step ahead.
In this course, students are introduced to the Python programming language. From making a simple text based game, to creating a solution to a social problem with the Raspberry Pi and electronic components, to creating graphical computer games, students will use their programming skills to develop products in a creative and unique way. For their Design Cycle Task, students will develop a product from one of these areas of interest. Peer tutoring and group learning are all key components of success in programming.  

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A USB memory stick is required for backing up files.

Criterion A:

Inquiring & Analysing

Criterion C:

Creating the Solution

Criterion B:

Developing Ideas

Criterion D:


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