General Arts

Year 8
Subject Information

In Year 8, all students will complete a semester of General Arts. Students may then choose to extend their learning in by completing one additional semester of Performing Arts (Drama and Media) or Visual Art (Art and Design). Students may alternatively choose to select music instead of General Arts.

Subject Description

This is the compulsory semester of The Arts, which will involve students completing a term of Drama and Visual Art. The subject is designed to provide students with an introduction to The Arts, developing their core skills and knowledge required in both subject areas. Please note, your grade for Visual Art and Drama will be combined for your end of semester result.

Students can also choose to extend their learning taught in this subject by completing one additional semester of Performing Arts (Drama and Media) or Visual Art (Art and Design).

Drama Physical Theatre Term Course:

The focus of this semester course will be Physical Theatre providing the basics of performance within areas such as Tableau, Mime and Stage Fighting. Students will develop their social and communication skills as they work collaboratively in small groups to plan, organise, communicate, and problem solve, working towards short performances.

Visual Art Term Course:

The compulsory term of Visual Arts will involve an introduction to elements and principles of art and the fundamental skills involved in creating a range of two-dimensional art and design works. Students will create artworks from across a range of areas including drawing, painting and or printmaking, digital art, and mixed media.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Students may be required to contribute towards the cost of tickets and/ or travel for Live Theatre or Screen Productions as negotiated with the teacher. (approximately $20.00).

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Thinking Creatively

Criterion B:

Developing Skills

Criterion D:


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