Visual Arts

Year 8
Subject Information

Students may choose to complete either one semester of Visual Arts (Visual Arts and Design) or a semester of Performing Arts (Drama and Media).

Subject Description

Visual Art allows opportunities for students to develop their skills in the principle areas of painting, drawing, design, three-dimensional studies, printmaking and art appreciation. 

In the Design component of this subject, students will be introduced to the areas of Design (Graphic Design, Architecture, Fashion Design, Illustration and Interior Design). They learn about the Design Elements and Principles, as they analyse the work of others and create their own practical work. Students will complete and document the Design Process in their folio, in order to create their own practical designs. 

Students will:

  • be introduced to the art and design processes and a range of the basic principles of Visual Arts theory and practice

  • analyse, discuss and compare their own practical skills with works by artist’s and designer’s using appropriate terminology.

  • develop and refine their skills in a range of practical areas and media.

  • be encouraged to develop competency in computer technology and improve their understanding of its use as a visual arts medium.

  • create a variety of design solutions through documentation of the design process and the application of various practical skills, including the use of the Adobe Creative Suite

  • keep a developmental work book and be encouraged to plan works, compiling preparatory research studies and sketches.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

All students must purchase visual diary (art sketchbook) for Visual Art. Students will be required to contribute towards the cost of tickets and/or travel to an exhibition, live theatre production or event, as negotiated with the teacher (approximately $20.00).

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Thinking Creatively

Criterion B:

Developing Skills

Criterion D:


Learning Area Map