Year 8
Subject Information

English is a compulsory full year subject in Year 8.

Subject Description

This course provides students with an introduction to various texts and text types covered in English from Years 8 to 12. It focuses on the conventions of these texts; the ways in which they are traditionally produced, and what makes them unique and different to other types of texts. Students will engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment and for study.

Language and Literature (English) focuses on three interrelated strands: literature, language and literacy.
The literature strand:

  • Students read and view a balance of literary and non-literary texts and learn to respond to these creatively and analytically.

  • Literary texts include novels, short stories, films and poetry.

  • Non-literary texts can include newspapers, magazines, advertisements and multi-modal texts.

The language strand:

  • Students develop their knowledge of the English language and how it works. Students further their knowledge of vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structures, parts of speech, dialogue punctuation and other formalities of the English language.

The literacy strand:

  • Students are introduced to the various text types and their particular conventions are made explicit. They learn about language features to help them to become effective, precise and creative in their written and oral language use.

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Additional Costs

There may be excursions and projects with associated costs (approximately $10.00).

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Criterion C:

Producing Text

Criterion B:


Criterion D:

Using Language

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