Art B: Three Dimensional Studies

Year 9
Subject Information

Students may choose one or two semester courses from The Arts learning area.

Subject Description

In this subject students will:

  • develop skills and understanding of three-dimensional art forms including , sculpture and ceramics

  • develop skills and understanding or a range of drawing and IT used to represent 3D forms

  • keep a process journal, which will be used to document planning for practical work, including developmental sketches, analyse existing art work and reflect on their learning and skills development

  • analyse, discuss and write about their own work and the work of other artists using appropriate terminology

  • be encouraged to develop competency in computer technology and expand their understanding of its use as a visual arts medium

This subject will include units from the following areas:

  • Drawing:  students will utilise drawing as a preparatory tool for preliminary 3D studies to depict elements of form, proportion, space and texture

  • Sculpture:  students will link sculptural themes to the development of suitable modelling or construction techniques for studying form, spatial relationships and textures.  Materials used may range from clay, paper-mache, fibres, wire mesh, metal, modroc, plaster and mixed media

  • Ceramics:  students will study traditional hand construction methods which may range from modelling, slab-building, pinch bowl and coil techniques for functional or decorative forms.  Knowledge of firing and glazing processes will be developed with studies of suitable decorative techniques and relevant design constraints

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Must purchase an A4 Visual Journal(sketch book). Course may involve attending an exhibition or event, which may be at some cost to the students (approximately $15.00).

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Thinking Creatively

Criterion B:

Developing Skills

Criterion D:


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