Outdoor Education

Year 9
Subject Information

Students can select one semester in this subject.

Subject Description

This course focuses on the interrelationship of human beings and the natural environment developing an awareness of environmental issues through observation and evaluation. By participating in a camp and field trips, students are able to develop knowledge and skills while reflecting on their personal, group, and social development.


This community focused course, offers students the opportunity to:

  • demonstrate skills and knowledge in Rock Climbing (Introduction) and knot tying skills.

  • complete a three day camp at Kuitpo with bushwalking, bike riding.

  • learn about aspects of the natural environment through an intensive Environmental Studies unit.

  • demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviour towards the natural environment and its conservation.  A minimal impact approach toward the environment will be delivered.

  • demonstrate a sense of responsibility towards other people, and be aware of the need for group members to rely on each other in the outdoors.

  • be familiar with appropriate equipment as well as techniques for the safe use, care and maintenance of tents, cooking stoves, compasses and climbing gear.

  • experience a range of aquatic activities at Port Noarlunga e.g. surfing, snorkelling and wave skiing to develop surf safety and awareness.

  • undertake a variety of navigational tasks e.g. orienteering and geocaching to develop confidence in the use of map/ compass and GPS. 

Course Fees

$250.00 to cover compulsory practical components for instructors, transport, accommodation and equipment.

Additional Costs


Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Applying and Performing

Criterion B:

Planning for Performance

Criterion D:

Reflecting and Improving Performance

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