Year 9
Subject Information

Science is a compulsory full year subject in Year 9.

Subject Description

Students are introduced to the idea of the atom as a system of protons, electrons and neutrons. They learn that matter can be rearranged through chemical change. Students are introduced to the concept of the conservation of matter and begin to develop a better understanding of energy transfer and apply their understanding of energy and forces to explain global features and events in terms of geological processes. They will also analyse how biological systems function and respond to external changes with reference to the relationship between biotic and a biotic components of ecosystems.
Students pose questions that can be investigated using a range of inquiry skills, design methods that include the control and accurate measurement of variables. They analyse trends in data, identify relationships between variables and reveal inconsistencies in results to be able to evaluate their method and the quality of their data, and explain specific actions to improve the quality of their evidence.

  • Science skills (Science Is)

  • Energy Transformations

  • Learning with your brain in mind

  • Atoms

  • Coordination

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Ecosystems

  • Heat and Electricity

  • The Dynamic Earth

Course Fees


Additional Costs

All students are invited to participate in a number of Science competitions and The Glossy Black Camp: Science and Engineering Challenge – no cost. Online Big Science Competition – $7.00. UNSW Science Competition – $8.00. Glossy Black Camp - Approximately $110.

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Processing and Evaluating

Criterion B:

Inquiring & Designing

Criterion D:

Reflecting on the impacts of Science

Learning Area Map