Digital Technologies

Year 9
Subject Information

Students may choose one or two units from the Technology Learning Area in Year 9.

Subject Description

This course will give you an introduction to both relational databases and app development. Students will have the opportunity to apply their computational thinking and coding skills in practical ways.
Did you know that 80% of time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps?  Apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction. Ever wondered how to develop an app?  Then this might be the course for you.
And what would the world be like without databases? You may not know it, but data bases permeate every aspect of our lives.  Ever browsed through your friends list via social media?  Purchased something online?  Borrowed a book from a library?  Made a booking for an event?    These are examples of databases in use.  Very few organisations exist without databases.  Anyone with an understanding of this area will be one step ahead.
In this course, students are introduced to MIT App Inventor and MS Access.  Students will use computational thinking skills to develop both relational databases and apps. LAN networking basics and digital responsibilities are also introduced. Peer tutoring and group learning are all key components of success in Digital Technologies.
Students use the Design Cycle, a process approaching industry standard, to design, develop and test their programs

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A USB memory stick is required for backing up files. Earphones are required so that students can test audio elements in their programs.

Criterion A:

Inquiring & Analysing

Criterion C:

Creating the Solution

Criterion B:

Developing Ideas

Criterion D:


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