Earth and Environmental Science

Year 10
Subject Information

Earth and Environmental Science is an option Science subject in both semesters of Year 10. Students must study 1 science in each semester of year 10 and may wish to study up to 4 semesters of science in total.

Subject Description

Students learn that knowledge of science helps them understand and shape the world in which we live, as well as learn to care for it and conserve it. They gain an awareness of how they can initiate and participate in informed discussions to argue and act for protection and conservation of our environment. In this course there is an emphasis on the Earth and Chemical Sciences. Students explore how the chemical composition of the Earth has changed over time as well as the atmosphere and how this has led to life on Earth and the nature of minerals. Students explore the effects of human activity on the local community for example, soil erosion of Mount Lofty and how this has impacted organisms in these ecosystems.

They learn to take an inquiry-based approach to their work, gathering information, evaluating evidence, synthesising new knowledge, and applying their learning to solving environmental problems. Students who have shown an interest in working with community groups on environmental projects will find the course beneficial.

Topics include:

Earth and Chemistry

  • Changing chemical composition of Earth

  • The nature of minerals

  • Water testing

Environment and Sustainability

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Climate Change

  • Sustainability

  • Energy

  • Human Impact on Ecosystems

Plant and Animal Diversity

  • Effect of introduced species

  • Impact of reducing biodiversity

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Additional Costs

Criterion A:

Knowing & Understanding

Criterion C:

Processing and Evaluating

Criterion B:

Inquiring & Designing

Criterion D:

Reflecting on the impacts of Science

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