Stage 1

Drama 1

Assumed Knowledge



Students wishing to study Stage 1 Drama must have completed Year 10 Drama A .

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Learning, Citizenship, Work, Personal Development.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Students wishing to study Stage 2 Drama are required to have completed Drama 1 and Drama 2.

The three areas of dramatic study for Stage 1 Drama are:

Company and Performance

Understanding and Responding to Drama

Drama and Technology

Through these areas of study, students work collaboratively to conceive, explore, develop, produce, refine and perform (or present) a dramatic work or product. They apply the dramatic process by undertaking roles and collaborating in an ensemble to achieve individual and shared outcomes.

Students will develop and deepen their knowledge and understanding of contemporary dramatic practice, conventions, and traditions using live, online, and other resources. They will demonstrate their understanding, analysis and evaluation of professionally created dramatic works and/or events (such as workshops and master classes). Students will study at least one dramatic text and one dramatic style.

Students will also research and analyse how technology is being used by dramatic artists, and how it has the potential to be applied creatively to enhance dramatic meaning and expression of ideas in theatre and/or screen products.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Required excursions: $30.00 for attendance and transport to a live, professional drama production (usually in the evenings).​

Assessment Type 1:


Performance: Minimum of 5 minutes in-focus stage time or equivalent for off-stage presenters in a group performance to an audience.

Presentation of evidence: An oral or multimodal presentation of 6 minutes or written response of 1000 words that shows evidence of their learning in relation to their own or off-stage role.

Assessment Type 2:

Responding to Drama

A 5 minute oral or multimodal presentation or 800 word written response to a professional dramatic product or event.

Assessment Type 3:

Creative Synthesis

A 6 minute oral or multimodal presentation of a dramatic product from the perspective of a dramatic practitioner (e.g. designer, director, actor). Or, A 1000 word written response equivalent with images.

Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map