Stage 1

Visual Arts: Design A

Assumed Knowledge



A level 4 or better in any unit of Year 10 Art or Year 10 Design​.

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Learning, Personal Development.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Design in The Arts involves students using their creativity to develop visual solutions to design briefs and problems.

In this course, there are three areas of study:  Visual Study, Folio, Practical and Practitioner’s Statement. Throughout these three areas, students will investigate work from other designers and design movements from a range of historical periods, analyse design products from a variety of sources, use the design process to create innovative and creative practical work and evaluate their ideas, skills and learning.
In this subject, students will:

  • be able to focus on areas within design that interest them

  • develop their own design briefs and complete the design process in order to develop innovative practical solutions

  • Study design areas including: branding design, architecture, landscape design, product design and/or environmental design

  • focus on a specific era in design that will influence work produced throughout the course and concentrate on developing students understanding and use of the three areas of study: Visual Study, Folio, Practical and Practitioner’s Statement

Course Fees


Additional Costs

One A3 Folio. Course may involve attending an exhibition or event: approximately $15.00.​

Assessment Type 1:

Folio: One Folio of 20 A3 sheets documentation of their visual thinking and supports their one or two works of art.​

Assessment Type 2:

Practical: Students produce one or two Practicals one which is a resolved work and a practitioners’ statement of 250 words.

Assessment Type 3:

Visual Study: One Visual Study including research analysis and practical work between 8-12 A3 Pages/750 words/3-4 Minute oral.

Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map