Stage 1


Assumed Knowledge



A level 4 or better in Year 10 Humanities or English.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, Numeracy, Information and communication technology, Personal and social, Critical and creative thinking, Ethical understanding, Intercultural understanding.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Through two lenses: humanities and science, Geography examines concepts of place, space environment, interconnection, sustainability, scale and change, to investigate spatial aspects of society and the interdependence between the biophysical environment and human activities.
Geography develops geographical skills such as collecting and recording field work data and using techniques eg, sketching, photography, mapping. Students apply their knowledge through the exploration of geographical issues such as:

  • Contemporary Local issues (excursion to local event/area)

  • Natural Hazards

  • Biological and Human- Induced Hazards​ ​Urban Adelaide excursion (approximately $10.00)

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Hazards​ ​Urban Adelaide excursion (approximately $10.00).

Assessment Type 1:

Skills & Application Tasks: 2 geographical skills and applications tasks (800 word responses and 5 minute oral).

Assessment Type 2:

Fieldwork: A written response (1000 words; oral is 6 minutes).

Assessment Type 3:


Assessment Type 4:


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