Stage 1

Modern History B

Assumed Knowledge



A level 4 or better in Year 10 Humanities or English

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work, Learning.

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Subject Description

Semester 2 will allow you to delve further into the topics and explore an elective. You will continue to examine changes that have occurred since 1750 but will focus on different examples. Exploration of impacts and investigation of how groups and individuals have challenged political structure, social organisation and economics models. You will examine how individuals and societies have created challenges and responses, all the while developing your inquiry methods.

Stage 1 Modern History consists of the following topics:
Topic 1: Imperializsm
Topic 2: Decolonisation
Topic 3: Indigenous peoples
Topic 4: Social movements
Topic 5: Revolution
Topic 6: Elective

Course Fees


Additional Costs

An excursion: approximately $10.00.

Assessment Type 1:

Historical Skills: Argumentative essay, source analysis, report, oral presentation. Interpret understanding of historical events. (Maximum 800 words each, written or Oral Presentation, maximum 5 minutes each). Exam.

Assessment Type 2:

Historical Study: Analyse, interpret and explore a historical event, person or group (Maximum 1000 words written or Oral Presentation, maximum 6 minutes).

Assessment Type 3:


Assessment Type 4:


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