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Focus Capabilities

Critical and Creative Thinking, Literacy, Ethical Understanding.

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Subject Description

Philosophy will encourage you to think and discuss the ‘big questions of life’. You will explore philosophical issues, including: ethics, the notion of right from wrong, question how we know what we know, and the nature of existence as well as develop inquiry skills, including reasoning, critical analysis, and problem-solving. 

As you question the very nature of our reality, morality and knowledge, you will explore and understand how philosophers have thought about these big questions, and do much of your own questioning, in weekly communities of inquiry. 

The topics, and skills, developed in Stage 1 Philosophy directly relate to Stage 2 Philosophy.

Philosophy, is a 10 credit subject, which has the following Key Areas and Assessment Types:

Key Areas:

Ethics:  What is right and wrong, and how do we know? How do we have a just society? What, if anything, do we owe each other?

Metaphysics:  What is the nature of human existence? Is there a higher power? What does a good life look like?

Epistemology:  Do we really know anything? How do we know what we do?

Reasoning: What is a good or bad argument? How do we reason well?

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Assessment Type 1:

Folio - Two tasks, of different modes, on Epistemology and Metaphysics.

Assessment Type 2:

Issues Analysis – Apply ethical thinking and theories to an Issue of your choice.

Assessment Type 3:

Issues Study – Analyse and conclude on your choice of a philosophical topic.

Assessment Type 4:


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