Stage 1


Assumed Knowledge



A level 4 or better in Year 10 Humanities.

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work, Learning.

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Subject Description

On a global scale, Tourism is one of the largest industries. This subject develops an understanding of the nature of tourists, the industry itself, the economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts and therefore it is important to discover all this from the perspective of travellers, operators and host. Students’ investigate local, national and global tourism, and explore tourism as a business but it is central to develop an understanding of the sustainable management of tourism.

  • Understanding the Tourism Industry

  • Identifying Visitors and Hosts

  • Creating Sustainable Tourism

  • Working in the Tourism Industry​​

Course Fees


Additional Costs

An excursion to Adelaide Zoo (approximately $10.00).

Assessment Type 1:

Case Study: Use of secondary resources to identify and evaluate an area of the employment in tourism industry.

Assessment Type 2:

Source Analysis: Tourism and sustainability sources analysis – test conditions​.

Assessment Type 3:

Practical Activity: Students utilise primary sources and practical tourism skills to evaluate the sustainability of a tourist attraction​.

Assessment Type 4:

Investigation: Independent Research and Report on negotiated topic.

Learning Area Map