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Integrated Learning: Event Management

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Focus Capabilities

Students will have opportunities to select focus capabilities for individual tasks.

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Subject Description

​In this course students will be introduced to the planning, organisation and management requirements of staging a major and minor event. In this semester course, students will be introduced to the use of Arts modalities (posters, lighting, venue design, costuming), which are involved in the staging of events.

Students will analyse and explore local events such as the Adelaide Film Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Womadelaide or the Credit Union Christmas Pageant. They will identify the key creative artists and their materials, techniques and processes, along with practitioners and the organisational conditions required to produce successful public events. 

The subject is highly recommended for students with an interest in multiple areas of The Arts and Event Management.

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Assessment Type 1:

Practical Inquiry: Students explore elements of Event Management, developing skills required for practical work.

Assessment Type 2:

Connections: Students work with other class members, staff and school leadership to organise an Event.

Assessment Type 3:

Personal Endeavour: Students take the skills and knowledge developed through the first two task types and apply them to topic or group that interests them.

Assessment Type 4:


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