Stage 1


Assumed Knowledge

Year 10 English.


​A level 4 or better in Year 10 English in order to achieve success in Stage 1 English.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, personal and social, ethical understanding & intercultural understanding.

Related Subject
Subject Description

​Stage 1 English students respond to and create texts. They analyse connections between purpose, context, and audience and how these are achieved through language and stylistic choices. They also undertake intertextual studies, analysing connections between texts and evaluating similarities and differences. Students will complete a range of tasks from each assessment type and will undertake common tests each term
Note: This subject allows students to achieve the literacy requirement in the SACE. Students must achieve a ‘C’ grade or better in this subject to meet the compulsory 20-credit literacy requirement.​

Course Fees


Additional Costs


Assessment Type 1:

Responding to Texts: Written, oral, and/or multimodal texts that are informational, analytical, imaginative, interpretive, and/or persuasive in purpose (800 words or 5 min. presentation).

Assessment Type 2:

Creating Texts: Written, oral, and/or multimodal texts that focus on precision, fluency, and coherence appropriate for audience and context (800 words or 5 min. presentation).

Assessment Type 3:

Intertextual Studies: Written responses or created text that connect two or more texts (1000 words; an oral response or created text: maximum of 6 minutes).

Assessment Type 4:


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