Stage 1

Essential English

Assumed Knowledge

Year 10 English.


Completion of Year 10 English.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, personal and social, ethical understanding & intercultural understanding.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Students develop skills in communication, comprehension, language and text analysis. In this subject students will respond to and create texts within a range of assessment tasks over the year.
This subject allows students to achieve the literacy requirement in the SACE. Students are required to achieve a ‘C’ grade or better in this subject to meet the compulsory 20-credit literacy requirement.

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Additional Costs


Assessment Type 1:

Responding to Texts: Responses will be in a variety of forms: short answers and/or extended responses, or in multimodal format (500 words or 5 minutes).

Assessment Type 2:

Creating Texts: Informational, analytical, imaginative, interpretive, and/or persuasive assessment types (500 words or 5 minutes).

Assessment Type 3:


Assessment Type 4:


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