Stage 1

Physical Education A

SACE Minisite
Assumed Knowledge

Year 10 Performance Physical Education or Equivalent.


A Level 5 or better in Performance PE and or a Level 6 or better in Activity and Lifestyle PE.

Focus Capabilities

Personal Development, Communication, Learning.

Related Subject
Subject Description

In Physical Education A  students will participate in a Touch unit that incorporates theoretical concepts such as Fitness Components and Exercise Physiology. They will also participate in a Play Practice unit whereby they plan and execute a PE lesson to their peers. These topics will prepare students for concepts covered in Stage 2 PE.

Course Fees


Additional Costs


Assessment Type 1:

Performance Improvement
Suitability for Touch Football - Students complete fitness testing, conduct a game analysis of Touch Football and collect video footage of performance to discuss their suitability for Touch and particular positions.

Touch Football Analysis
Students apply Exercise Physiology concepts to analyse the game of Touch Football.

Assessment Type 2:

Physical Activity Investigation

Play Practice
Students partake in a variety of modified games and explore the differences between modified games and traditional games. They analyse and make reference to how game modifications have improved inclusivity and accessibility.

Assessment Type 3:


Assessment Type 4:


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