Stage 1

Physical Education B

SACE Minisite
Assumed Knowledge

Year 10 Performance Physical Education or Equivalent


A level 5 or better in Performance PE and or a level 6 or better in Activity and Lifestyle PE

Focus Capabilities

Personal Development, Communication, Learning

Related Subject
Subject Description

In Physical Education B  students will participate in 2 different sports that will incorporate theoretical concepts such as Biomechanics and Skill acquisition. They will also conduct an investigative study on the equity of two separate sports and how they promote participation. These topics will prepare students for concepts covered in Stage 2 PE.

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Assessment Type 1:

Performance Improvement

Skill Acquisition
Students spend 6 weeks learning an unfamiliar skill. They develop their knowledge and understanding about Skill Acquisition concepts and apply this in their final presentation.

Biomechanics Analysis
Students engage in a variety of sports and then complete a biomechanical analysis of one of the sports applying two biomechanical principles.

Assessment Type 2:

Physical Activity Investigation

Students investigate barriers and limitations to physical activity within a given sport and then analyse the equity of two sports in regards to participation.

Assessment Type 3:

Assessment Type 4:

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