Stage 1

Essential Maths

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Year 10 Mathematics.

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Communication, Learning, Personal Development.

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In Stage 1 Essential Mathematics students demonstrate their mathematical skills in ways that apply to practical problem solving in everyday and workplace contexts. A problem-based approach is integral to the development of mathematical skills and associated key ideas in this subject.  A minimum C grade in Semester one is required for SACE completion.
Topics studied cover a range of applications of mathematics, including: general calculation, measurement and geometry, money management, and statistics. Throughout Essential Mathematics there is an emphasis on extending students’ computational skills and expanding their ability to apply their mathematical skills in flexible and resourceful ways.
Stage 1 Essential Mathematics consists of the following list of six topics: Semester 1 covers the basic skills required in numeracy to enable students to obtin their SACE numeracy requirement.  semester 2 Essential mahts prepares students for Stage 2 Essential Maths. A grade of B or better for Semester 1 is required to continue Essential Maths in Semester 2.

  • Topic 1: Calculations, Time, and Ratio

  • Topic 2: Earning and Spending

  • Topic 3: Geometry

  • Topic 4: Data in Context

  • Topic 5: Measurement

  • Topic 6: Investing

A minimum C grade in at least one semester is required for SACE completion.

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Skills & Application Tasks

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Mathematical Investigations

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