Stage 1

General Mathematics

Assumed Knowledge



​A level 3 or better in Year 10 Pre Pure Mathematics including at least a 4 in Criteria A Knowing and Understanding; a level 4 or better in Year 10 Pre General including a 5 in Criteria A Knowing and Understanding.

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Learning, Personal Development.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Students extend their mathematical skills in ways that apply to practical problem solving and mathematical modelling in everyday contexts. A problems-based approach is integral to the development of mathematical skills and the associated key ideas in this subject.
Areas studied cover a range of applications of mathematics, including: personal financial management, measurement and trigonometry, the statistical investigation process, modelling using linear functions, and discrete modelling using networks and matrices. In this subject there is an emphasis on consolidating students’ computational and algebraic skills and expanding their ability to reason and analyse mathematically.
Stage 1 General Mathematics consists of the following list of six topics:

  • Topic 1: Investing and borrowing

  • Topic 2: Measurement

  • Topic 3: Statistical Investigation

  • Topic 4: Applications of Trigonometry

  • Topic 5: Linear and Exponential Functions and their Graphs

  • Topic 6: Matrices and Networks

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Students enrolled in a full year of this course are expected to own a graphics calculator, Graphics Calculator (Approximate cost $240.00) preferably a Casio fx-CG50AU, Casio fx-CG20 AU, or a Casio fx9860G AU PLUS.

Assessment Type 1:

Skills & Application Tasks

Assessment Type 2:

Mathematical Investigations

Assessment Type 3:


Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map