Stage 1

Chemistry 2

Assumed Knowledge

A sound understanding of the experimental process. It is recommended that Stage 1 Chemistry students also study Pure Mathematics subjects.


Please note to enrol in Chemistry 2 you must have also enrolled in Chemistry 1.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical and Intercultural understanding.

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Subject Description

The study of chemistry includes an overview of the matter that makes up materials, and the properties, uses, means of production, and reactions of these materials. It also includes a critical study of the social and environmental impact of materials and chemical processes.
Students consider how human beings make use of the earth’s resources and the impact of human activities on the environment.  Through practical studies students develop investigation skills and an understanding of the physical world that enables them to be questioning, reflective and critical thinkers.

  • Topic 4: Mixtures and Solutions

  • Topic 5: Acids and Bases

  • Topic 6: Redox Reactions

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Students are required to have access to Stage 1 Essentials Chemistry Workbook (approximately $52.00) and students are encouraged to participate in the RACI Chemistry competition (approximately $8.00).

Assessment Type 1:

Investigation Folio: 1 X Practical Investigations and 1 X Science as a Human Endeavour Investigations.

Assessment Type 2:

Skills & Application tasks: ​2 X Tests/Assignments/Oral Presentations.

Assessment Type 3:


Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map