Stage 1

Earth & Environmental Science

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Focus Capabilities

Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, Ethical understanding and Intercultural understanding.

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Subject Description

Earth and Environmental Science emphasises the way in which Earth materials and processes generate environments, including habitats, where organisms live; the natural processes and human influences that induce changes in physical environments; and ways in which organisms respond to those changes. Students develop and extend their inquiry skills, including in designing and undertaking investigations, and collecting and analysing primary and secondary data. They interpret and evaluate information, synthesis and use evidence to construct and justify conclusions.


Students will study at least 2 topics below:

  • Topic 1: Turbulent Earth

  • Topic 2: Composition of the geosphere

  • Topic 3: Processes in the geosphere

  • Topic 4: The Earth’s atmosphere

  • Topic 5: Importance of the hydrosphere

  • Topic 6: Biosphere

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Assessment Type 1:

Investigations Folio.

Assessment Type 2:

Skills & Application Tasks.

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