Stage 1

Physics 1

Assumed Knowledge

A sound understanding of the experimental process. It is recommended that Stage 1 Physics students also study Pure Mathematics subjects.


Level 5 or better in Year 10 Compulsory Science with a Level 5 in Criteria A “Knowing and Understanding”. Entry into this course without achieving this grade will only occur by way of coordinator approval.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical and Intercultural understanding.

Related Subject
Subject Description

The study of physics offers opportunities for students to understand and appreciate the natural world. This subject requires the interpretation of physical phenomena in Linear motion and Forces, Energy and Momentum and Heat. As well as applying knowledge to solve problems, students develop Science Inquiry Skills by using scientific methods to test ideas and develop new knowledge. Students gather evidence from experiments and research and acquire new knowledge through their own investigations. Students will also develop an appreciation of Science as a Human Endeavour to highlight science as a way of knowing and doing and explores the use and influence on science in society.

  • Introduction to Physics (The Scientific Method, measurement and errors)

  • Linear Motion and Forces

  • Energy and Momentum

  • Heat

Note: Physics A and B are independent programs of work, however, it is advantageous, to have completed Physics A in order to study Physics B.  Both are required for Stage 2 Physics.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Nil. Although students are encouraged to participate in the Science competitions held during the year at a cost of up to $8.00 each.

Assessment Type 1:

Investigation Folio: Practical Investigations and Science as a Human Endeavour Investigations.

Assessment Type 2:

Skills & Application Task: ​Tests/Assignments.

Assessment Type 3:


Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map