Stage 1

Digital Imaging

Assumed Knowledge




Focus Capabilities

Personal development, work, and learning.

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Subject Description

The Digital Imaging unit will provide students with the opportunity to design, produce and evaluate sophisticated photographic images with digital DSLR cameras and industry standard software (Adobe Photoshop).
Students will:

  • Explore creative camera techniques.

  • Apply principles of composition and photographic techniques.

  • Learn how to use Photoshop’s advanced and creative tools

  • Present in their folio sophisticated images to communicate product development and presentation.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Students must purchase a 4GB (minimum) SD card for storage of digital files.​​

Assessment Type 1:

Folio: Design Brief, Issues Investigations.

Assessment Type 2:

Skills & Application Tasks: Camera Technique Practice, Materials Investigation.

Assessment Type 3:

Products: Production of a Graphic Communication exhibiting their results.

Assessment Type 4:


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