Stage 2


Assumed Knowledge

A solid set of skills in creating Music as well as Performing Music.​


Students must have completed year 11 Music (whole year preferred) and passed with at least a C. A working knowledge of the program Sibelius (or equivalent) is expected.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Creative & Critical Thinking, Personal & Social, Ethical Understanding & Intercultural Understanding.

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Subject Description

Music is a 20 Credit subject where students could develop their skills in either Performing on their chosen Instrument in front of an audience in a Band situation, or developing their Music Composing skills, as well as developing their Responding skills. 

Students develop their Performing or Music Composing skills through either regular rehearsals with an Ensemble where performance skills are developed to a High level, necessary for performing in a Public situation, or through regular contact with the subject teacher to guide the student with the Composition. Several public performances are expected throughout the year, including a performance at Senior Campus Music Night. The student may choose to be assessed either through the class band, or another school Ensemble or one of their own outside of the school. 5 Assessments are required across the year.

Course Fees


Additional Costs


Assessment Type 1:

Assessment Type 1: 3 Musical Literacy tasks including one original song with a Composers statement.

Assessment Type 2:

Assessment Type 2: A portfolio comprising a Musical Presentation plus a Commentary.

Assessment Type 3:

Assessment Type 3: A new creative task building on Assessment type 2 plus a discussion.

Assessment Type 4:


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