Stage 2

Legal Studies

Assumed Knowledge



A ‘B’ grade or better in Stage 1 English or a ‘B’ grade or better in Stage 1 Legal Studies or any Stage 1 Humanities subject​.

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work, Learning.

Related Subject
Subject Description

This course explores the relationship between the Australian Legal System and society by exploring its role at the local, state and national levels as well as Australia’s international interactions and obligations.

It examines the foundations of the legal system, the social function of the law, constitutional government, law making institutions as well as criminal & civil justice systems.

The course is designed to increase students’ understanding of Australia’s parliamentary democracy and their rights and responsibilities as informed citizens

  • The Australian Legal System

  • Constitutional Government

  • Law Making

  • Justice Systems

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Students may attend an excursion (approximately $10.00)​.

Assessment Type 1:

Folio: Research Investigations, Assignments and in class tests (combined folio 5000 words)​.

Assessment Type 2:

Inquiry: 1,500 word (or equivalent) Independent investigation of legal issue of own choice.

Assessment Type 3:

External Assessment: A two hour external examination​.

Assessment Type 4:


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