Stage 2

Modern History

Assumed Knowledge



A ‘B’ grade or better in Stage 1 English, and Stage 1 Modern History, or Stage 1 Humanities subject​.

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work, Learning.

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Subject Description

​Students investigate the growth of modern nations at a time of rapid global change by investigating social, political and economic development. They study a nation and the interactions between or among nations by developing insights into the national’s characteristics, crisis and challenges they have been exposed to and confronted since 1945. Students develop their inquiry skills examining and evaluating the nature of sources, who wrote or recorded them, whose history they tell, whose stories are not included and why, and how technology is creating new ways in which histories can be conveyed.

Topics from:

Modern Nations

  • Australia (1901–56)

  • United States of America (1914–45)

  • Germany (1918–48)​

  • The Soviet Union and Russia​ (1945–c.2004)

  • Indonesia (1942–2005)

  • China (1949–c.2012)

The World Since 1945

  • The Changing World Order (1945–   )

  • Australia’s Relationship with Asia and the South Pacific Region 

  • National Self-determination in South-East Asia (1945–   )

  • The Struggle for Peace in the Middle East (1945–    )

  • Challenges to Peace and Security (1945–    )

  • The United Nations and Establishment of a Global Perspective (1945–    ) 

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Excursion: approximately $10.00​.

Assessment Type 1:

Historical Skills: A range of assessments eg, argumentative Essay, Imaginative Reconstruction, Source Analysis. (5000 words in total or 6 mins).

Assessment Type 2:

Historical Study: Independent historical study on an aspect of the world c.1750 (2000 words or 12 mins)​.

Assessment Type 3:

External Assessment: A two hour external examination: essay and source analysis​.

Assessment Type 4:


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