Stage 2


Assumed Knowledge



Literacy and IT skills required to access the required resources​.​

Focus Capabilities

Citizenship, Communication, Learning.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Students develop an understanding of the nature of tourists, tourism, and the tourism industry by investigating local, national and global tourism; and explore businesses.  The subject allows for the analysis of tourism trends, developments, and contemporary issues through understanding complex economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts, and sustainable management. Students work with tourism models which are visual or graphical representations of concepts that might operate in a real-world situation.


  • Operations and Structures of the Tourism Industry

  • Travellers’ Perceptions, and the Interaction of Host Community and Visitor

  • Planning for and Managing Sustainable Tourism​

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Excursion: approximately $10.00​.

Assessment Type 1:

Folio: Interpretation and evaluation of secondary sources. Ecotourism research report, Sources Analysis tests.​

Assessment Type 2:

Practical Activity: Activities that utilise practical tourism skills including primary research and presentation of tourism information, including fieldwork and itinerary planning​.

Assessment Type 3:

Investigation: Independent Research on contemporary tourism issue.​

Assessment Type 4:

External Assessment: A two hour external examination.​

Learning Area Map