Stage 2

Workplace Practices

Assumed Knowledge

Barista skills and knowledge covered in Stage 1 Workplace Practices (not compulsory)​.



Focus Capabilities

Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work and Learning.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Students investigate current workplace issues, develop industry specific skills, reflect on their practical learning and complete vocational learning.

  • Finding Employment

  • Changing Nature of Work

  • Work in Australian Society

A major component of the Workplace Practices course is Performance, where students must complete 50-60 hours of vocational learning. This can be in the form of work experience, volunteer work or participation and completion of VET (students cannot use VET units of competency for Workplace Practices if already being used for SACE Credits). This is an important aspect of the course where students develop industry skills and knowledge, explore possible career pathways, engage with the wider community and reflect on their practical learning. Students are required to complete these hours during the mid-semester holidays (unless another time is negotiated with school). The required 50-60 hours can be completed in two blocks of work placement, at different workplaces. Students may choose to complete 25-30 hours at Vibe Coffee Bar, a small café on the Senior Campus used by Workplace Practices students.  

Course Fees


Additional Costs


Assessment Type 1:

Folio: Discussion, Reflection, Resume, Cover Letter, Interview​

Assessment Type 2:

Performance: 50-60 Hours of Vocational Learning, Written/Video/Oral Journal​.

Assessment Type 3:

Reflection: Written/Oral Reflection, Discussion​.

Assessment Type 4:

Investigation: Written or Oral Investigation (Practical or Issues Based)​.

Learning Area Map