Stage 2


Assumed Knowledge



A ‘C’ grade or better in Stage 1 English and subject to teacher recommendation​.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, personal and social, ethical understanding & intercultural understanding.

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Subject Description

This subject focuses on the interrelationships between author, text and audience. You will examine the purpose of a text by focusing on language and stylistic features, purpose of an audience and reflect and evaluate your own views. Opportunity to understand how, through the use of language, you are able to position your audience to respond a particular way is provided.

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Assessment Type 1:

Responding to Texts: 3 responses: 2 written responses and 1 oral across a range of categories eg. novels, film, song lyrics, advertisements (1000 words each)​.

Assessment Type 2:

Creative Texts: 4 created texts: 3 creative texts (3000 words in total) and 1 writer’s statement (1000 words)​.

Assessment Type 3:

External Assessment: A written comparative analysis from 1 or more extended texts, poetry, drama, film and media texts (2000 words).

Assessment Type 4:


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