Stage 2

English Literary Studies

Assumed Knowledge



A ‘B’ grade or better in 20 credits of English at Stage 1 and subject to teacher recommendation​.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, personal and social, ethical understanding & intercultural understanding.

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Subject Description

This subject focuses on responding and creating texts through shared and individual study. If you enjoy sustaining a critical argument you would benefit from undertaking this subject as you will develop strategies and enhance your skills in creating texts.

The following two areas:

  • Responding to texts consists of shared studies and a comparative text study. Texts studied include extended prose, a film, a drama, poetry and short texts.

  • Creating texts consists of transforming and creating a written, oral or multimodal text.

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Assessment Type 1:

Responding to Texts: Shared studies- study 3 texts (extended prose, film and drama texts, one must be Australian). Also the study of poetry and short texts Comparative text study- study 2 texts, one from the shared text and one independent text (5000 words). One response can be an oral (6mins).

Assessment Type 2:

Creating Texts: Transforming texts – transform texts film script to narrative ​Creating a written, oral or multimodal text (1500 words) and one written, oral or multimodal text (1000 words or 6min).

Assessment Type 3:

External Assessment: 15% - Critical essay (1500 words) two texts discussed and submitted for external assessment. 15% - Critical reading of one or more short texts from a variety of forms (90 mins exam)​.

Assessment Type 4:


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