Stage 2

Essential English

Assumed Knowledge



A ‘B’ grade or better in Stage 1 Essential English​.

Focus Capabilities

Literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, personal and social, ethical understanding & intercultural understanding.

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Subject Description

​In this subject you will interpret ideas and perspectives in texts and understand how meaning is created through reading, viewing, listening and speaking. This subject focuses on how you connect and interact with people in a variety of ways.

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Assessment Type 1:

Responding to Texts: 3 tasks. Written, multi-modal and oral responses (800 words and 6 minute oral)​.

Assessment Type 2:

Creating Texts: 3 tasks. 1 advocacy text and 2 other texts in written, oral or multimodal format (800 words, oral 6 minutes)​.

Assessment Type 3:

External Assessment: 1 individual language study: create a question about the use of language (1500 words or 8 minute oral)​.

Assessment Type 4:


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