Stage 2

Outdoor Education

Assumed Knowledge

Previous studies in outdoor education, General like of the outdoors and natural environment, moderate to high personal fitness.​



Focus Capabilities

Personal Development, Communication, Citizenship.

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Subject Description

At Stage 2 students continue their development in the areas of practical ability, ecology and biodiversity, human impacts and management, risk evaluation and safety management and trip planning. Culminating with students using these skills to organise, undertake and review a self-reliant camping experience. 

Students as part of this course will need to undertake 3 extended stay camping programs that utilise weekend time and a series of training days that utilise the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon flexible delivery time.

  • Term 1 – Surfing 3 days at Middleton

  • Term 2 – Cycle Touring 5 days – Flinders Ranges

  • Term 3 – Self Reliant – Students Choice

Course Fees


Additional Costs


Assessment Type 1:

About natural environments (20%)

Students explore and analyse past, current and potential human interactions in two natural environments. through direct observations, data collection and information, students will evaluate, recommend and/or implement management strategies for conservation and sustainability of the areas explored.

Task 1 - Para Wirra - Overnight visit - 800 words or 5 minute Vlog (10%)
Task 2 - O'Halloran Hill - Day visit - 800 words or 5 minute Vlog (10%)

Assessment Type 2:

Experiences in natural environments

Students document evidence collected and annotated when planning, experiencing and reflection on outdoor activities or journeys in natural environments. Students have the opportunity to plan, lead and facilitate journeys or activities and develop self-reliance.

Through experiences engaging in activities and journeys in natural environments, students develop and apply planning, personal and practical skills, and reflect on their individual progress.

Task 1 - Surfing (3 days) and MTB touring (5 days) - 1000 words or 6 minute Vlog (20%)
Task 2 - Final journey (Bushwalking/MTB) - 1500 words or 5 minute Vlog (30%)

Assessment Type 3:

Connections with natural environments

Students independently choose an area of interest to further explore the connections they have made with natural environments to further promote:

Their own personal growth and development
The sustainability of a natural environments

ASSESSMENT - Externally moderated
Task 1 - 2000 words written or 12 minutes (oral or equivalent) (30%)

Assessment Type 4:

Investigation: Based on study of an environmental issue or experience that is related to the group practical or individual practical, or to student’s experiences of outdoor activities.

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