Stage 2

Specialist Mathematics

Assumed Knowledge



‘B’ grade or better in all Pre Specialist courses (Pure Mathematics 1, 2 and 3) at Stage 1 and ‘B’ grades in all the exams. Students must also be studying Stage 2 Mathematical Methods.

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work, Learning.

Related Subject
Subject Description

​Specialist Mathematics is designed to be taken in conjunction with, and cannot be taken without, Stage 2 Mathematical Methods. Specialist Mathematics draws on and deepens students’ mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding, and provides opportunities for students to develop their skills in using rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs, and using mathematical models. It includes the study of functions and calculus.
The subject leads to study in a range of tertiary courses such as mathematical sciences, engineering, computer science and physical sciences. Students envisaging careers in related fields will benefit from studying this subject.

  • Mathematical Induction

  • Complex Numbers

  • Functions and Sketching Graphs

  • Vectors in Three Dimensions

  • Integration Techniques and Applications

  • Rates of Change and Differential Equations

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Students are required to purchase the following: Revision Guide (Approximate cost $30.00) & a Graphics Calculator (Approximate cost $240.00) preferably a Casio fx-CG50AU, Casio fx-CG20 AU, or a Casio fx9860G AU PLUS.

Assessment Type 1:

Skills & Applications Tasks: 6 Tests.

Assessment Type 2:

Mathematical Investigations: 1 Folio.

Assessment Type 3:

External Assessment: 2 Hour External Examination.

Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map