Stage 2


Assumed Knowledge



A ‘B’ grade or better in both Stage 1 Chemistry 1 and 2. Students with “C” grade will need teacher recommendation.

Focus Capabilities

Learning, Communication, Citizenship and Personal Development and Work.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Stage 2 Chemistry offers students opportunities to consider the use human beings make of the planets resources and the impact of human activities on the environment. An understanding of chemistry and the application of this understanding helps students appreciate the factors that influence the pursuit of science and to make informed decisions about modifying and interacting with nature.
Stage 2 Chemistry is organised so that intended student learning is related to key chemical ideas and concepts within five topics. 

  • Topic 1:   Monitoring the Environment

  • Topic 2:   Managing Chemical Processes

  • Topic 3:   Organic and Biological Chemistry

  • Topic 4:   Managing Resources

Course Fees


Additional Costs


Assessment Type 1:

Investigation Folio: Practical Investigations and Science As A Human Endeavour.

Assessment Type 2:

Skills & Applications Tasks: Tests and Assignments.

Assessment Type 3:

External Assessment: 2 hour external examination.

Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map