Stage 2

Advanced Engineering

Assumed Knowledge

Students are assumed to have basic practical skills. STEMSEL, CAD, STEM for Sustainability and advantage.



Focus Capabilities

Personal development, work and learning.

Related Subject
Subject Description

This course provides study in STEM, emphasising content that includes aspects of Engineering and Design, Industrial Design and Architectural fields. It is intended to be appealing and accessible to a wide range of students with varying experiences and abilities.
Students develop skills and knowledge through the Skills and Application Tasks, and use the Design Process to design a Major and Minor Product.


  • 3D Prototype development using the systems development life-cycle.

  • 3D parametric modelling using Autodesk Inventor software.

  • Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) output devices including;

    • 3D printers and associated software.

    • Computer controlled CNC Milling machines and associated software.

    • Laser cutters. ​

Course Fees


Additional Costs


Assessment Type 1:

Skills & Application Tasks: 2 Skills and Application Tasks. 1 Materials Application Investigation.

Assessment Type 2:

Product: 1 Major Product: Student Design. 1 Minor Product: A component of the Student Design.

Assessment Type 3:

External Assessment: 2000 Word Folio - Documentation of product design process and evaluation.

Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map