Stage 2

Furniture Design & Construction

Assumed Knowledge



Students are assumed to have basic practical skills.

Focus Capabilities

Personal development, work and learning.

Related Subject
Subject Description

Design and Technology develops students’ abilities to identify, create, initiate and develop products, processes and systems.  Students learn to use tools, materials and equipment safely and competently to complete products designed in class.  They explore the environmental and social consequences of technologies.

  • Safe use of hand tools, power tools and industrial quality machinery

  • Use of computer costing software and CAD graphics

  • Skill development exercises

  • Practice a range of contemporary and traditional timber joining processes


Accurate timber machining, wood turning and sliding drawer construction. 

Course Fees


Additional Costs

Contribution towards the cost of take-home projects above $25.00 of materials allowance.

Assessment Type 1:

Skills & Application Tasks: Develop and application of skills associated with the production of the student design piece of furniture. Investigate and analyse properties of potential materials to be used in producing student piece of furniture.

Assessment Type 2:

Product: Construction and evaluation of the piece of furniture designed by the student.

Assessment Type 3:

Folio: Using the design process to develop a plan for making a piece of furniture.

Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map